Project Portfolio

Project Portfolio

If your business relies on compute intensive applications to make key decision, then waiting for accurate answers can be extremely costly. Acceleware can help you obtain the results you need as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


Acceleration ASsessment Software Development Code Commercialization


Since 2004, Acceleware has worked with companies around the world to accelerate real world production codes to get better information, faster. Using advanced programming techniques which leverage the power of today's parallel hardware, Acceleware's custom development team specializes in developing and optimizing applications for maximum performance.

We have impacted our clients' business by providing speed-ups of 2x-150x faster, reducing hardware and power requirements and delivering a return on their investment in a matter of months.

The table below outlines just a few of the many and varied projects that we have completed for clients and the results achieved. These results are typical, and illustrate the potential value of Acceleware's expertise.






Oil & Gas Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Modelling
  • Port existing Matlab code to C/C++ multi-threaded code
  • Saw significant performance improvements moving to multi-threaded C++
  • Performance gains of approximately 12.5x over single threaded Matlab
Finance Option Pricing
  • Debug & optimize existing CUDA code
  • Implemented the Leisen-Reimer version of the binomial model for stock option pricing
  • Improved performance of 30-50x compared to single threaded CPU code
Medical CT Reconstructive Software
  • Develop a GPU accelerated application for image reconstruction on CT scanners and implement advanced features including job batch manager, filtering, and bad pixel corrections
  • Achieved 31x accelerated back projection
Security & Defense Cryptography
  • Port & optimize a cryptography algorithm for FPGAs
  • Exceeded performance requirement 15x faster than expected
Oil & Gas Seismic - Full Waveform Inversion
  • Port existing CPU FWI code to run on GPUs via OpenCL
  • Achieved 8.4x speed-up using 2 GPUs vs. a 30 core CPU system
  • Customer quote: "I appreciate the time and effort everyone spent on the project. It is good to see a company with similar work ethics as GeoTomo. It has been a pleasure working with your team"

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