Radio Frequency (RF) Heating

Dramatic Cost Reduction with Environmental Responsibility

Acceleware is a clean-tech energy innovator developing low-cost, low-carbon solutions for the oil industry. Our production technology for heavy oil and oil sands features exceptionally low capital and operating costs, and is different from any other technique on the market today.

Our energy commitment is threefold:

1) to dramatically improve production economics;

2) to greatly increase access to vast unproven oil reserves; and

3) to significantly improve the environmental performance of oil sands and heavy oil production.

To that end, Acceleware has developed unique, patent pending radio frequency technologies for in-situ projects that reduce capital expense by an estimated 76% and operating expense by an estimated 43% when compared to current steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) development methods. RF XL also offers a new level of deployment flexibility and ease, opening up previously untapped and difficult to access resources, thereby potentially increasing the proven reserves of Canadian oil sands by billions of barrels. On the environmental side, RF XL requires no solvents, less land, zero external water and far less energy to produce heavy oil and oil sands when compared to other production methods. The result is a significantly reduced environmental footprint coupled with dramatically improved economics.

To date, Acceleware has worked with major Alberta and international heavy oil and oil sands operators, has established a partnership with GE to develop the technology, and is actively discussing other partnerships.


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