Private Training

Maximize your Computing with Private Training from Acceleware

Acceleware offers private training courses delivered onsite at your company, anywhere in the world. Tailored to your specific needs Acceleware’s industry leading training will dramatically increase productivity and get you ahead of the game - fast!

Acceleware knows that each customer is unique and that high performance business applications are not stamped out of a machine. We understand that your training needs are specific to your applications and here are a few ways in which we can customize for your needs:

  • Programming languages: CUDA , OpenCL , C++ AMP, MPI, OpenMP, OpenGL
  • Specific content for your hardware and operating systems
  • Industry case studies and exercises
  • Made-to-order exercises based on your application or algorithms
  • Bring your project to class days

The Acceleware Advantage

  1. Partner with the Industry Leader
    • Acceleware works closely with the leading hardware and software manufacturers, testing pre-release hardware and software tools. Training materials are updated regularly to ensure you receive the best training experience possible.
  2. Experience
    • Benefit from Acceleware’s 9 years of building commercial GPU and multi-core CPU applications for the world’s largest companies.
    • Since 2009 Acceleware has taught 1000’s of students in a diverse range of backgrounds including: oil and gas, life sciences, defense, finance, imaging and computer aided engineering.
  3. Learn from the Best
    • Courses are delivered by Acceleware programmers who bring real world experience into the classroom not “trained trainers”.
    • Multicultural and Bilingual Instructors. Acceleware instructors are fluent in Mandarin, French and English.
  4. Progressive lectures and hands-on exercises
    • Often the best way to learn is to do! Acceleware training includes plenty of hands-on exercises and real life case studies.
  5. Let us do the work
    • Acceleware will come to you! All training materials including individual laptops for the hands-on labs are included. All you need to supply is a venue and the students.

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