Completed Projects





Computer Aided Engineering SIMULIA Abaqus
  • Develop a GPU accelerated version
  • Conduct a finite-element analysis and develop a library to offload LDLT factorization portion of the multi-frontal solver to GPUs
  • Implemented 2-3x accelerated solution that supports NVIDIA and AMD GPUs
Finance Option Pricing
  • Debug & optimize existing CUDA code
  • Implemented the Leisen-Reimer version of the binomial model for stock option pricing
  • Improved performance of 30-50x compared to single-threaded CPU code
Medical CT Reconstruction Software
  • Develop a GPU accelerated application for image reconstruction on CT scanners and implement advanced features including job batch manager, filtering, and bad pixel corrections
  • Achieved 31x accelerated back projection
Mining Particle Modelling
  • Multi-threaded a particle simulator that had many serial dependencies
  • Improved maintainability and testability of code
  • Improved performance by 2x for certain data sets
Oil & Gas Reservoir Simulation
  • Develop iterative linear algebra solvers optimized for reservoir simulation on NVIDIA GPUs
  • Implement GMRES, QMR, AMG, and a variety of preconditioners
  • Demonstrated a 5x improvement on NVIDIA Tesla C1060 over multi-core Intel Nehalem CPUs
Oil & Gas Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Modelling
  • Port existing Matlab code to C/C++ multi-threaded code
  • Saw signigicant performance improvements moving to multi-threaded C++
  • Performance gains of approximately 12.5x over single threaded Matlab
Oil & Gas Seismic Algorithm
  • Demonstrate the viability of GPUs to accelerate seismic algorithms
  • Implemented more efficient summed area table algorithm
  • Demonstrated speed-ups of 50-150x on NVIDIA GPUs
Oil & Gas Petrophysics
  • Add multi-threading support to existing C# petrophysics inversion code to optimize performance on multi-core CPUs
  • Study the feasibility of porting inversion algorithms to GPUs
  • Delivered performance improvements of 8x on an 8 core CPU, and 14x on a GPU
Oil & Gas Seismic Analysis
  • Develop a high-performance CPU/GPU library that implements statistical data sampling algorithms
  • Develop a high-performance CPU/GPU library that builds upton the data sampling library and implement statistical algorithms for quantitative seismic interpretation
  • Found optimal CPU/GPU balance to deliver maximum performance
Oil & Gas Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Modelling
  • Port key sparse linear algebra routines (QMR, BiCStab, and SpMV) to NVIDIA GPUs to improve performance
  • Refactor existing Fortran/MPI code base to improve maintainability
  • Implement dynamic load balancing to optimize performance on large clusters
  • Delivered 5x speedup on GPU
Oil & Gas Seismic
  • Prove native C/C++ implementation of prototype Matlab code
  • Reduced the software's memory footprint to support simulations 2-3x larger
  • Implemented algorithmic and data structure improvements
  • Improved performance on portions of the code by 20-30x through algorithmic optimizations
Oil & Gas Drilling Simulation
  • Develop high-performance forward modelling simulation code for analyzing wellbore data
  • Port existing Matlab code to native C/C++
  • Optimize code to take advantage of multi-core CPUs
  • Implement more effiecient data structures to optimize certain operations
  • Delivered 18x speedup on average over pre-existing customer code
Oil & Gas Beam Migration CPU Optimization
  • Optimize CPU Beam migration code
  • Improved single threaded execution by a facor of 8-10x via CPU optimizations
  • Delivered overall node performance by a factor of 3x
Oil & Gas Seismic Filters
  • Deliver optimized anisotropic diffusion, median, convolution, and coherent noise removal filters
  • Optimize existing CPU and CUDA filter code, and port additional filters to CUDA
  • Improved performance of CUDA code by 3x
  • Improved performance of CPU code by a factor of 10-50x via algorithmic optimizations
  • Customer quote: "It flies!"
Oil & Gas Seismic - Kirchoff Depth Migration
  • Implement GPU version of depth migration
  • A single GPU delivered the same throughout as 4 dual-socket Xeon nodes
Oil & Gas Seismic - Full Waveform Inversion
  • Port existing CPU FWI code to run on GPUs via OpenCL
  • Achieved 8.4x speedup using 2 GPUs vs. a 30 core CPU system
  • Customer quote: "I appreciate the time and effort everyone spent on the project. It is good to see a company with similar work ethics as GeoTomo. It has been a pleasure working with your team"
Oil & Gas Passive Seismic Emission Tomography (PSET)
  • Optimize existing GPU code
  • Improved performance over existing GPU code by 2-3x
Oil & Gas Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM)
  • Refactor existing Matlab/Fortran code base into modern, modular, and maintainable Fortran code
  • Improved performance and significantly reduced memory footprint
  • Improved performance by a factor of 2.5x over original solution
  • Memory footprint reduced by up to a foctor of 3x
Oil & Gas Seismic - Kirchoff Time Migration
  • Port seismic imaging code to CUDA to run on NVIDIA GPUs
  • Improved job runtime by a factor of 2.5x
Oil & Gas Phase-shift Plus Interpolation (PSPI) Migration
  • Port seismic imaging code to CUDA to run on NVIDIA GPUs
  • Achieved 3x over original CPU code
Oil & Gas Seismic - Depth Imaging
  • Optimize seismic imaging code
  • Reduced memory footprint and improved performance on multi-core X86 clusters
Oil & Gas Full Waveform Inversion
  • Port an existing multi-threaded CPU FWI code to run on GPUs
  • Achieved a 15x speedup with 2 GPUs vs. a 30 core system
Oil & Gas Controlled-Source Electromagnetic (CSEM)
  • Refactored Matlab/Fortran code into testable, modular, and maintainable Fortran code
  • Improved performance by 2.5x and reduced memory footprint by a factor of 3x
Oil & Gas Finite Difference Forward Modelling
  • Advanced features for forward modelliing
  • Delivered improved data handling, cluster management, and visualization features
Security & Defense Cryptography
  • Port & optimize a cryptography algorithm for FPGAs
  • Exceeded performance requirement 15x faster than expected
Security & Defense Image Reconstruction
  • Ported & optimized a cryptography algorithm for FPGAs
  • 15x faster than expected performance requirements


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