• 2012
    • Acceleware releases high-performance TTI AxRTM. A 2.5x improvement in speed over previous TTI AxRTM
    • Acceleware introduces C++ AMP training courses in partnership with Microsoft
    • Acceleware surpasses 90 training classes held, to over 1000 students
  • 2011
    • First significant sale of AxRTM to Fugro, though our partner Paradigm
    • First significant sale of AxRTM through our partner Tsunami Development
  • 2010
    • 2010 Commenced radio frequency heating consulting services
    • Appointment of Geoff Clark as CEO
    • Acceleware partners with Crosslight
    • Acceleware partners with Paradigm
    • Introduced OpenCL Training Courses, sponsored by AMD
    • Acceleware partners with Microsoft to provide CUDA/OpenCL Training
  • 2009
    • Introduced HPC consulting services
    • 2009 Launched R&D team for the radio frequency heating technology for heavy oil production
    • Acceleware partners with NVIDIA to develop Acceleware CUDA Training Courses
  • 2008
    • Acceleware has grown to more than 45 employees with a fully engaged global distribution network in key target markets
    • Acceleware is considered a global leader in GPU Computing
  • 2007
    • $3M strategic investment by NVIDIA® Corporation
    • Raised $8M in a brokered private placement
  • 2006
    • $1.7M raised in a reverse take over and Acceleware goes public on the TSX Venture Exchange, where it trades under the ticker symbol AXE.
    • Version 2.0 of the Accelerator is launched at the 2006 MTT-S IMS. Acceleware has established multiple distribution partnerships on the strength of its product with its inaugural partner, Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG), a Swiss manufacturer and supplier of experimental and numerical tools for the electronics design industry. Additional partners in the EM, photonic and biomedical fields started using Acceleware solutions in conjunction with their own proprietary software, providing customers with customized solutions that are optimized for their specific industries.
    • $1.5M raised in a public and private offering.
  • 2005
    • First multi GPU commercial product.
  • 2004
    • Ryan Schneider, Dr. Michal Okoniewski and two others co-found Acceleware after conducting years of research using special-purpose hardware to accelerate scientific computing software applications. They focus on using graphics-processing units (GPUs) rather than traditional CPUs as processing tools, and discover how to harness the abundant, parallel-computing resources and much higher memory bandwidth of a GPU to accelerate a specific application.