Full Waveform Inversion

  Revolutionary Modular FWI Platform


Full waveform inversion (FWI) is a recent exciting technique for the seismic industry because of its potential to deliver very detailed subsurface imaging.

It is an advanced and automatic method for improving velocity models by iteratively matching the modeled data with the recorded data. The process starts with an initial model based on a conventional ray-tracing tomography. It is then improved iteratively by minimizing the phase and/or amplitude difference between the true seismic data and the estimates from the forward modeling until a convergence criterion is met. FWI is extremely computationally expensive because the earth model must be built up with iterations of forward modelling and reverse time migration (RTM).

AxFWI - is a Flexible Modular Platform Producing Fast and Accurate Results

Acceleware has developed AxFWI - a revolutionary modular FWI application which provides the highest level of subsurface velocity model accuracy and leads the industry in compute speed. Its strength is a result of Acceleware’s proven fast and accurate finite-difference engines that power Acceleware’s robust Reverse Time Migration (AxRTM™) and Seismic Forward Modeling (AxWave™) solutions. Engineered for maximum performance AxFWI is optimized for modern high performance computing platforms including NVIDIA GPUs, multi-core CPUs and Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors.

It is commercially available and can be used as is or customized for specific workflows, objective functions and gradients.

FWI Algorithm

Marmousi velocity model showing changes at selected iterations.

Contact us today to discuss how you can run an FWI process in-house with Acceleware’s commercially ready, modular platform by using your research code to produce highly accurate and super-fast results.

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