The Acceleware Electromagnetic (EM) Solvers connect the industry leading EM software applications to the massive parallel processing capabilities available with NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). This amalgamation delivers unprecedented computational capabilities in a form factor that features a very low Total Cost of Ownership and a high ROI. The Acceleware EM solutions bring flexible capabilities directly to engineers and product designers and delivers accelerations from 10X to 50X.

Benefits Include

  • Shortened product design cycle
  • Run multiple iterations of simulations to insure the best results from your design
  • On-demand supercomputing with GPUs – no need to book time with a corporate data center
  • Low operating cost and no specialized IT knowledge required
  • Works seamlessly with your favorite EM application – no change to your workflow

Acceleware Architecture

With Acceleware deployed, EM software users are able to complete their simulation calculations at significantly accelerated speeds.

With Acceleware deployed, start completing your simulations in minutes instead of hours or days.



Benefits of Acceleware's Software Model

Historically, Acceleware provided customers with a combined hardware and software turn-key solution. As GPU computing has become more prevalent in scientific computing, Acceleware has migrated towards a software token model. Existing end users of Acceleware’s products will be upgraded to our software token model if maintenance is up-to-date. There are several advantages to upgrade your existing product to the new software model:

  •  Access to the latest Acceleware libraries
    • Performance optimizations
    • New features
    • Support/Bug fixes
    • Support for the latest NVIDIA hardware
  • Perpetual software license
  • Software tokens run on single GPU cards or can be combined to run larger simulations (2 or 4 GPUs)
  • Cluster tokens available for simulations requiring more than 4 GPUs
  • Hardware can be procured from several 3rd party vendors

Here is an example illustrating the benefits of upgrading to software tokens and hardware:

  Previous Generation   New Generation
Size 2.6 times bigger Simulations
Speed 25% (or more) Performance Improvement



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