When: November 18-20, 2014
Booth: A12
Where: London, UK
What: PETEX is the largest subsurface-focussed E&P conference and exhibition in the UK, attracting thousands of delegates from across the world and across a spectrum of industry sectors, from super-majors to consultancies.

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Acceleware Booth Presentations

AxRTM: An Innovative Reverse Time Migration Application

Presented by Marcel Nauta, Acceleware
Tue Nov 18 @ 1:00pm, Wed Nov 19 @ 10:00am, Thu Nov 20 @ 2:00pm
AxRTM is Acceleware's high performance Reverse Time Migration application. This presentation will highlight both new and existing features that make AxRTM a compelling choice: enhanced amplitude correctness, adaptive removal of low-frequency noise, and advanced grid features to reduce runtime while preserving image quality. Uniquely supporting multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors AxRTM is the most efficient RTM application on the market. AxRTM is available from Paradigm, OpenGeophysical, Tsunami, GeoTomo and Acceleware.

AxWave: Fast and Accurate Survey Design and 3D Modeling

Presented by Marcel Nauta, Acceleware
Tue Nov 18 @ 9:30am, Wed Nov 19 @ 3:00pm, Thu Nov 20 @ 1:00pm
AxWave is Acceleware’s high fidelity finite-difference full wavefield modeling application. Engineered to run on CPUs, GPUs and Xeon Phi, AxWave offers unparalleled speed and efficiency for 2D and 3D isotropic variable density modeling and pseudo acoustic modeling for VTI and TTI media. In this presentation we will provide a tour of the product's features and interface, including: survey geometry, absorbing boundaries, variable grid, and optimized update coefficients among others.

AxFWI: High Fidelity Velocity Model Building  

Presented by Marcel Nauta, Acceleware
Tue Nov 18 @ 3:30pm, Wed Nov 19 @ 1:30pm, Thu Nov 20 @ 9:30am
Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) is a technology which is moving into the mainstream. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to invert seismic data to derive high-resolution earth models by following an example inversion. An overview of AxFWI, Acceleware's customizable FWI application will be shared.

Marcel Nauta


Marcel Nauta
Software Developer, Acceleware

Marcel joined Acceleware in 2012 to advance the company’s high performance seismic software for multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi architecture. His areas of expertise include analysis and implementation of numerical algorithms for electromagnetic and seismic wave equations. Marcel has a published a number of technical papers on advanced finite-difference time-domain methods and was awarded the NSERC CGS-M for his Masters. He currently holds an AITF Industry Associates award for his research at Acceleware. Marcel has B. Sc. in Physics and M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 18, 2014