New Offices

At the beginning of June Acceleware moved into a new office space. We are excited about the new location as it is closer to downtown, offers excellent coffee and ice cream nearby, and is a block away from the Calgary Stampede, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year! The new office also has an upgraded server room, and better training facilities. A nice upgrade!


We recently exhibited at the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) annual show in Copenhagen Denmark. The show provided many excellent opportunities to speak with customers and partners about our future seismic and CSEM imaging product road map. Judging from what we saw and heard at EAGE, Acceleware is at the forefront of Reverse Time Migration (RTM) technology and our roadmap is exactly what the market needs. Look for some new product introductions soon.

Acceleware also exhibited at the International Supercomputing Show (ISC 2012) in Hamburg, Germany in mid-June. Our focus at this show is on our core high performance computing capabilities with GPUs, multi-core CPUs and our training workshops. Customers and partners were keen to see the latest features we are working on in our industry leading FDTD electro-magnetic simulation library and the RTM roadmap we unveiled in Copenhagen.

New Hardware

This year NVIDIA has released a new GPU, the Kepler. One version of the Kepler designed for compute applications is the K10 and at first blush it appears very well suited to seismic imaging applications like RTM. We are currently updating our AxRTM library to talk advantage of all that K10 has to offer. Preliminary tests show that AxRTM runs up to 80% faster on a K10 than NVIDIA’s previous M2090 GPU. In addition to Kepler, Intel is also developing a new HPC platform called MIC (Many Integrated Core). We are currently evaluating how MIC will fit into our product plans.

New Training

2012 has seen an expansion in the schedule of our CUDA and OpenCL parallel programming training courses. The new addition to the 2012 roster is a course in C++ AMP, a parallel programming language developed by Microsoft and supported by NVIDIA and AMD. Our C++ AMP courses are presented in partnership with Microsoft and benefit from the software giant’s marketing support.

New Synergies

Ever since Acceleware starting developing seismic applications in 2008, we have been looking for ways we can develop synergies with our existing software and skills. While Acceleware’s RTM seismic imaging software uses the same core finite difference propagator as our FDTD electro-magnetic simulation library, we are seeing bigger intersections in 2012. One such area is in Controlled Source Electro-Magnetics (CSEM). CSEM uses EM radiation to illuminate subsurface hydrocarbon reservoirs. We are currently developing an FDTD based CSEM library which we believe will dramatically cut CSEM data processing time. A second area is the emerging technology of RF heating of heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs. Many companies are involved in developing enhanced oil production techniques using radio frequency radiation. We are providing consulting and simulation services to some of these companies in this exciting new field.

Website Refresh

As you can see we have totally revamped our website, with the aim of organizing content to appeal to out multiple stakeholders: customers, shareholders, and potential investors. Let the marketing department know what you think.


Acceleware will be exhibiting at SC 2012 in Salt Lake City, and we will be exhibiting and presenting a paper at SEG 2012 in Las Vegas in the fall of 2012. So we are looking forward to continued interesting times! Check back here for updates.