Join Acceleware and the Clean Resource Innovation Network for a 90 minute, one-venture ‘breakthrough’ dialogue on June 19th from 11:30am - 1:00pm at the PTAC Conference Room.

The success and longevity of the Canadian oil industry is a topic of much discussion, with many claiming that the way to assure longevity is to come up with and implement ideas that create big and positive change. The goal of this event is to demonstrate how CRIN can help oil and gas innovators commercialize their technologies faster. We aim to discuss and demonstrate how collaboration by participants from across the CRIN network can break logjams for innovators in Canada’s energy sector.

CRIN seeks to mobilize its diverse global network of innovators, investors, service providers, producers, and academics to solve the environmental and economic challenges facing Canada’s oil and gas sector. Acceleware seeks to accelerate the commercialization of its transformative bitumen and heavy oil recovery technology.

Together, we invite you to join us for a Chatham House-style dialogue aimed at leveraging the collective wisdom, connections and expertise of CRIN members to break down barriers to commercialization for
Acceleware, and at establishing a process for how CRIN can mobilize its network to change the game for innovators in Canada’s oil and gas sector.

What to expect:

1. A brief introduction to Acceleware’s technology, its commercialization journey, key challenges and current needs.
2. A structured discussion leveraging an expert panel and participants in the room, on industry’s commercialization gaps and ways we can work together to close them.


Informed by CRIN’s social contract , we are hosting this dialogue to bring to life the values of ‘Free Help’, ‘Trust’ and ‘Pay it Forward’. To that end, we ask that all participants:
• Be willing to help: consider how your networks, expertise or experience could make a difference for Acceleware to get to the next stage in its commercialization journey.

Participants should also understand that the event and dialogue will be:
• Non-confidential: anything said in the room could be reported elsewhere.
• Non-binding: nothing said is binding to the participants in any way.


Registration is currently open on the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) Website.


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Mike Tourigny

Mike Tourigny - VP Commercialization, RF Heating


Mike is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience in building high growth businesses based on disruptive innovation. Mike started his career in the oil and gas industry before moving to the technology sector, where he worked on the development and deployment of multiple ground breaking technologies in various business sectors. In 2013, Mike made the move to specialize in radio frequency (RF) heating systems for oil sands and heavy oil production with Acceleware Ltd. 


Mike’s goal is to commercialize Acceleware’s RF heating, and to generate explosive but responsible growth within the oil sands and heavy oil sectors. Awareness of the need for thoughtful applied innovation, combined with his understanding of complexities inherent to deploying technological advancements in an established industry, results in Mike’s ability to successfully expedite change. Along with his respect for both the heavy oil industry and its’ political realities, this translates into the ability to navigate through barriers associated with business growth and development. Mike has worked in energy, utilities, telecommunications, and technology services sectors in Canada and internationally. Mike holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of British Columbia.




Event Date: 
Wednesday, June 19, 2019
PTAC Conference Room Suite 400, 500 - 5 Ave SW Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 3L5