Denver, CO, USA, October 27, 2014: – Acceleware® Ltd. (TSX-V: AXE) introduced today at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition and 84th annual meeting, AxFWI™ a revolutionary modular full waveform inversion application for the creation of high-resolution and high fidelity broadband subsurface velocity models.

Full waveform inversion is an advanced and automatic technique that inverts full bandwidth seismic data with the reflected and refracted wavefields for the primary purpose of improving subsurface imaging. AxFWI takes this one step further by increasing accuracy, customizability and speed:

Accuracy – AxFWI is a paradigm shift in gaining the highest level of subsurface velocity model accuracy.

“As exploration continues to push past conventional geologies and computing power grows we’ve seen a paradigm shift in the techniques used to model and image the subsurface.” said Geoff Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Acceleware. “There is a growing demand for more complex methods, such as full waveform inversion that deliver the highest level of accuracy possible.”

Customizable – take advantage of the modular architecture to tailor its performance or put it to work immediately as is.

“What’s unique about AxFWI is its innovative modular architecture.” said Eric Trouillot, Director of Business Development and Technology, Seismic Software of Acceleware. “AxFWI is the only commercial software package that offers companies the flexibility to integrate their own technologies and algorithms to meet their specific exploration needs.”

Fast – leveraging Acceleware’s core competency in high-performance seismic software

Engineered for maximum performance AxFWI leads the industry in compute speed, providing users with significantly shorter cycle times. Powered by the same finite-difference engine that is used in Acceleware’s reverse time migration (AxRTM™) and seismic forward modeling (AxWave™) products, AxFWI is optimized to run on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and multi-core CPU clusters.

Companies can buy AxFWI today and tailor it to their workflows by leveraging the powerful and flexible modularity which offers the ability to integrate source wavelet, data pre-conditioning, objective function, gradient calculation, and inversion strategies and algorithms from different sources.

About Acceleware
Acceleware ( develops high performance seismic imaging and modeling software products and provides innovative technology for radio frequency (RF) heating, an emerging thermal enhanced oil recovery method. As experts in programming for multi-core CPUs and massively parallel GPUs, Acceleware’s professional services team specializes in accelerating computationally intense applications for clients to speed up product design, analyze data and help make better business decisions. Acceleware’s products and services are used by some of the world’s largest energy and engineering companies.

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