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Your New HPC Platform to Achieve Fast, Accurate Results More Economically

We are keeping you one step ahead by providing high performance computing cloud access to run our seismic imaging software. There are many substantial benefits including:

  • Immediate results
  • Huge cost savings by paying as you need it
  • No more maintenance costs for hardware
  • No managing GPU or CPU clusters
  • No hardware upgrade costs or purchases
  • IT cost savings
  • High end software available for ALL
  • Run large or small projects with no up-front costs

We’ve partnered with Nimbix – they provide a pure HPC cloud build for volume and speed. Acceleware’s Reverse Time Migration and Seismic Forward Modelling applications are now available in the cloud. 

Full Waveform Inversion Reverse Time Migration Forward Modelling
A revolutionary modular full waveform inversion application which provides the highest level of subsurface velocity model accuracy and leads the industry in compute speed. AxRTM is a full-featured reverse time migration solution that can be integrated into any existing seismic processing framework and enables oil and gas companies and seismic data processors of all sizes to economically realize the benefits of RTM imaging. AxWave is a high performance finite-difference application used for the simulation of seismic wave propagation through the subsurface enabling fast and accurate simulation of 2D and 3D seismic energy in an acoustic medium.

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