Case Studies

Flexible Implementation of Full Waveform Inversion

Full waveform inversion (FWI) is an increasingly popular algorithm for automatically improving earth models in seismic exploration. The method is incredibly computationally expensive because the earth model is built up with many iterations of forward modelling and reverse time migration (RTM). 

Therefore, an FWI implementation must be both high performance, and flexible. This commercial case study outlines our approach to minimizing the cost of a flexible implementation.


Restructured Code Streamlines the Modeling of Electromagnetic Data

Rock Solid Imagesʼ geophysical modeling capability includes a library for 3D controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) simulations, originally developed at the University of Utah. Like many scientific algorithm research projects the library was developed in MATLAB®. Rock Solid Images faced the challenge of converting this research project into a practical commercial solution they could use in-house.

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Faster Simulations Help Revolutionize Thin Film Solar Cells

NEXT ENERGY is changing the face of solar power by developing innovative and sophisticated solar cells that are 100x thinner than traditional panels. Through a unique blend of silicon in amorphous and microcrystalline form, which is deposited as a multispectral solar cell, NEXT ENERGY is building solar cells that are exceedingly space and cost effective. An absorbing layer with hundreds of nanometer light trapping features is implemented in the cell structure to increase the absorption of light and optimize conversion efficiency. [...]

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Increasing Children’s Hospital Efficiency Through Effective Antenna Design

Green Antenna is renowned for designing innovative and successful antennas that are licensed to major cell phone and electronics manufacturers worldwide. They are dramatically pushing the boundaries of wireless products by using computer simulations to develop working antenna models as part of their design process.