Project Portfolio


The table below outlines just a few of the many and varied projects that we have completed for clients and the results achieved. These results are typical, and illustrate the potential value of Acceleware’s expertise:

Industry Application Work Completed Results
Finance Option Pricing Debugged & optimized existing CUDA code
Implemented the Leisen-Reimer version of the binomial model for stock option pricing
30-50x performance improvement compared to single-threaded CPU code
Security & Defense Cryptography Ported & optimized a cryptography algorithm for FPGAs 15x faster than expected performance requirements
Computer Aided Engineering SIMULIA Abaqus Developed a GPU accelerated version
Conducted a finite-element analysis and developed a library to offload LDLT factorization portion of the multi-frontal solver to GPUs
2-3x accelerated solution that supports NVIDIA and AMD GPUs
Medical CT Reconstruction Software Developed a GPU accelerated application for image reconstruction on CT scanners and implemented advanced features including job batch manager, filtering and bad pixel corrections 31x accelerated back projection
Oil & Gas Reservoir Simulation Developed a GPU accelerated version 5x speedup & increased capabilities
Oil & Gas CSEM Modeling Ported & optimized existing MATLAB code to C/C++ multi-threaded code 12.5x speedup & reduced data processing time
Oil & Gas Drilling Simulation Application Increased performance of well-site tool for well-bore analysis 18x speedup on laptops running in the field
Oil & Gas Petrophysics Application Added multi-threading support to existing code 8x speedup on the CPU and
14x speed up on the GPU
Oil & Gas Full Waveform Inversion Ported to OpenCL & optimized the application to run on GPUs 15x speedup & improved resolution and coverage
Oil & Gas Seismic Application Converted MATLAB research code into a standalone application & improved performance via algorithmic optimizations 20-30x speedup


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