Acceleration services

Time is money.  How long can you afford to wait for answers?

If your business relies on compute intensive applications to make key decisions then waiting for accurate answers can be extremely costly.  Acceleware can help you obtain the results you need as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We can make your compute intense applications run faster

Since 2004, Acceleware has worked with companies around the world to accelerate real world production codes to get better information faster.

Using advanced programming techniques which leverage the power of today’s parallel hardware, Acceleware’s professional service team specializes in developing and optimizing applications for maximum performance. 

We have impacted our clients business by providing speeds up to 2x to 150x faster, reducing hardware and power requirements and delivering a return on their investment  in a matter of months.

How we can help


Need a little extra help or an extra set of eyes? Stuck on a coding problem? We can help! The Acceleware team offers a mentoring service designed to help build your internal high performance computing skill set.

Contact us now to find out how mentoring can help you to get the results you want now.


Project portfolio 

The Acceleware services team has completed projects for clients in a range of industries, including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Computer Aided Engineering
  • Finance
  • Medical   
  • Security and Defense

Click here to view our project portfolio.

Programming languages, platforms & 3rd party tool experience 

The Acceleware services team is experienced in working with a wide range of programming languages, platforms and 3rd party tools including:

  • Platforms: Multi-core CPUs, GPUs, Xeon Phi Coprocessors and FPGAs 
  • Languages:  CUDA, OpenCL, C++, Fortran, C++ AMP
  • Multi-threading:  MPI, OpenMP, Pthreads, Intel MKL
  • 3rd Party tools: PGI Compilers, MATLAB, Boost,


Speak with a technical expert to find out how Acceleware can help you. Contact us today to for a no-obligation discussion.