AxFWI - A Revolutionary Modular FWI Platform


AxFWI is a revolutionary modular FWI platform that enables users to accelerate their research by integrating their own algorithms and code to a highly optimized RTM engine. The easy to use interface gives the user the control and flexibility required to run many different scenarios and yet benefit from a platform engineered for maximum performance.

FWI Formula

On March 30th to April 1st 2015 professionals from all over the globe attended the SEG Middle East workshop `Full Waveform Inversion: Filling the gaps” in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This workshop discussed topics on the challenges, difficulties, and solutions in full waveform inversion (FWI) for applications in resolving the onshore near surface, shallow water, unconventional resources and offshore subsalt.

Eric Trouillot and Scott Quiring, experts from Acceleware attended this workshop and presented the poster “Full Waveform Inversion – A Modular Approach for Rapid Research Using an Optimized Code Base”.  This poster demonstrates a case study on how AxFWI eases the implementation burden by combining research codes written in a high level programming language with optimized kernels for the computationally expensive portions of FWI.

Acceleware’s powerful HPC environment runs on Intel and AMD CPUs and is the only company offering a commercial ready product that runs on NVIDIA GPUs.

A 3-page (letter size) version of this poster is available for download and if you would like to learn more about this powerful solution contact Eric Trouillot directly or use our contact form.


Download the FWI Poster


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